Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Lil bro in Action :p

So today as usual I've had nothing to do and so it comes into a time where saves the day  ! x) ( NVM ) 
Anw yesterday . yesterday and yesterday .. I've planned to watch karate kid and " A'team" at megamall (MM) with a couple of friends which  COULDN'T FIND :( . but in the end . the planned was canceled , so was today's :p IDK why but ... I just don't know why -_______________________________________-


oh ya ... gw hari ini gaje banget -__- SUER gaje ! haha 

I over slept till 9pm (?) * padahal mau nonton German - Australia HAHAHA ( gw dukung germany so pasti tuh :p ) in the end walaupun gk ntn German menang :D;D;D:DD:D:D 4 - 0 WOOOO!

Gw juga tadi sempet sendiri di rumah sama adek gw ( yg cwok NYEBELIN bgt -__- ) and it turns out ( LOL dia narsis cam cewek lagi pake make up -___- ) here are the proofs :p 

hahah lmao video -___-

this is LOL er x)

thank God he stopped -__- or I'll end up hanging in my closet because ..... hmmmm idk why @@ Nvm -__- x)

keren kan ? LOL:p anw gonna go offline now . ;D bye hehehehehhe

p.s ; im2 you have a very low internet speed :(

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